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Thita Pharma

Thita Pharmaceutical Industries

Thita Pharmaceutical Industries is a sister company for I.B.E. which was established in 2007 and our factory is under construction based on the G.M.P. regulations, to be the manufacturer for its own products and I.B.E products & also as a TOLL manufacturer for other companies with different lines (Hard Capsules, Tablets, Soft Capsules, etc....)


IBE pharma


I.B.E. was established in 1994. Since then, we have grown considerably in size and correspondingly in the Egyptian market and other markets like Kuwait, United Emirates.

since Our Managing Director has a great experience & networks in the Gulf area for working as an area manager for 15 years starting with Procter & Gamble and other local & multinational pharmaceutical companies

During this period of success I.B.E. has served a wide range of industries & activities in our market. We represent some European, Australian and American companies in the field of :

  • Food supplements and natural pharmaceuticals
  • Medical equipment
  • Laboratory equipment


I.B.E. main objective is to achieve a high standard level of services to our customers and our strategy is to cope with the challenges of the ever-changing markets therefore we are highly interested in widening our activities year after year.

  • Sustain high market share in current growing markets
  • Diversify by increasing our product range, to fill in market gaps and take advantage of the current and future medical market place
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Invest more on training, recruiting and reorganization


I.B.E. provide professional marketing through our own professional, dynamic and experts medical representatives who are the real assist of the company in addition great assist of the other departments as:

  • Administration & Finance: (5 Persons)
  • Chemists: (2 Persons)
  • Public relation & Secretaries: (4 Persons)
  • Medical representatives: (35 Persons)
  • Sales representatives: (17 Persons)